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Power plant utilizes clarifier to reduce pond dredging

May 22, 2018

 View Full Case Study  Problem Settling ponds are typically used in the wastewater treatment process, al-lowing for the natural removal of solids and turbidity from wastewater. Water is processed through the ponds so solid contaminants can settle and clean, re-usable water can flow over top. Though this technique is quite common in many industries, settling […]

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MPW praised for coal ash pond closure

May 7, 2018

 View Full Case Study  Problem A Virginia power plant, which began generating electricity in 1958 with three coal-fired units, had decommissioned one of its units and converted the other two to natural gas. Despite no longer burning coal, two coal ash ponds remained, ne-cessitating a remediation project. In addition to the EPA’s National Pollutant Discharge […]

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TSS Removal

August 17, 2017

View Full White Paper Increased regulations from governing bodies now require extra attention from power plants when managing the coal ash disposal process. A recent ruling by the EPA provided a comprehensive set of requirements for the safe disposal of coal ash and was enacted to clean up faulty surface impoundments and establish record keeping […]

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