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Our industrial water support by industry

February 13, 2018

MPW’s Industrial Water (IW) division is the preeminent mobile solutions provider for industrial, ultrapure water. Each day, the MPW team works around the clock with regeneration plants, service centers and staging facilities located across North America to meet the diverse industrial water needs facing today’s modern industries. Under the guidance of the company’s founders, MPW […]

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MPW Mobile DI Service

DI Capacity Exceeds Customer Expectations

August 21, 2017

View Full Case Study Problem Nearly 15 million gallons of high purity deionized water were required to support a series of steam blows at a 2,800 MW Southeastern U.S. power generation station. These steam blows were associated with the startup testing of four combustion turbines (CTs) to expand the capacity of the generation station. The […]

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