National Safety Month 2023

June is National Safety Month and nowhere is fostering a culture of safety more important than at MPW Industrial Services, where each employee is required to submit a safety observation and a solution every month. Safety observations are a critical component of MPW’s safety program and culture. By identifying potential hazards and risks, these observations have led to policy, procedure and training upgrades, as well as improvements for a safer workplace.

Employees, operational leaders, and safety professionals can take corrective actions to address safety concerns and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. These observations can also be used to identify trends, such as recurring safety issues, allowing for specialized committees to address these issues and for enhanced training.

For example, the Electrical Safety Committee—which has improved and created several corporate policies, improved training and developed the Qualified Worker program—was born from a safety observation regarding the lock out of a pump. Similarly, MPW’s Chemical Safety Subcommittee was created as a direct result of increased observations on the topics of compatibility, labeling and preventive maintenance.

MPW’s safety observation program is extremely valuable because it offers all employees a sounding board for their ideas and concerns. The company’s culture of safety, leadership, processes and training have kept MPW employees safe for more than 50 years. It’s up to each MPW employee to create a safe work environment by never hesitating to point out an unsafe situation or to take steps to eliminate a hazard.

See something, say something, do something!

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