MPW offers solutions, exceeds expectations at power plant

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During the fall of 2012, a major coal-fired power-generating plant was tasked to find a new vendor to perform a boiler wash, precipitator wash, SCR vacuuming, cyclone wash, ID/FD fan wash and air-pre heater wash and vacuuming. During the course of the bid process MPW Industrial Services exceeded expectations in the areas of safety, cost and reliability.

The facility was having issues with miscommunications and inaccurate boiler drawings and diagrams that were leading to cleaning processes that yielded a boiler that was only 80 percent clean.

Additionally, a division wall complicated the cleaning process, creating a higher cost to the customer.


After a reheat wash, MPW found that the division wall necessitated more equipment, such as pumps, heads and hoses, in order to effectively wash the boiler.

A key method in the improved efficiency of the job was MPW’s utilization of its Cyclone Automated Cleaning Tool.


The facility reported that the best the previous cleaning vendor cleaned the boiler was 80 percent. MPW delivered a 98 percent cleanse while cutting the cleaning time from 60 hours to 18 hours.

According to the customer: “[MPW has] consistently improved on performance, cost and duration of each activity given to them. When a problem arises they don’t look for excuses, they come with solutions. I have enormous confidence in their work, and have been pleased to work with them.”

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