MPW Guides Company to Zero-landfill Status

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When an international imaging and electronics company decided to eliminate the waste it sent to landfills, one company was best suited to execute the complex task: MPW.

With operations spanning the United States and in diverse markets with varying labor regulations, the customer did not have the internal resources to proactively focus on managing its waste commodities.

The client chose MPW’s Total Waste Services, the environmental sustainability division of MPW Industrial Services, as its sole environmental partner due to MPW’s unprecedented  ability to achieve the zero-waste-to-landfill objective at a reasonable cost.

Since the electronics company was a new customer for MPW, both entities had to work in conjunction to implement all necessary processes and to create the client’s new eco-friendly culture.


Total Waste Services Sustainability Managers worked closely with their on-site customer contacts to promote environmental awareness by providing services such as in-person training, reporting and tracking of recycling goals and Earth Day celebrations.

MPW created the solution that allows the client, with help from on-site MPW employees, to manage, segregate, recycle and ultimately avoid landfill usage via custom-engineered management processes.

The customer has been impressed with the ability of MPW’s Total Waste Services to find waste-reuse options with a consistent focus on procedure improvements.

The Total Waste Services pricing model utilizes revenue sharing and cost savings to maximize benefits to the client and the environment.


After a year-long process, customer sites with MPW administration programs achieved their zero-waste-to-landfill goal. MPW has not been involved in any safety incidents since the inception of the programs.

MPW allows the customer to utilize its technical employees for key-business operations instead of non-core services.

As a result of the success of this on-going relationship, MPW workers are always on-site when the customer is in production.

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