Lakewood High cleaning marks start of MPW-LLS collaborative efforts

HEBRON, Ohio – MPW Industrial Services donated a crew and equipment to clean the exterior of Lakewood High School last week.

The project represents the beginning of a partnership between MPW and Lakewood Local Schools, according to District Superintendent Mary Kay Andrews.

Andrews said large black streaks on the building had become an eyesore.

“The building did not represent the pride we have in Lakewood Schools,” Andrews said. “But we’ve received a lot of compliments since the cleaning. It’s a great improvement.”

MPW Chairman & CEO Monte Black noticed the need for the cleaning during a recent tour of Lakewood Local Schools’ facilities. An MPW crew water blasted the school in order to remove the mold, mildew and algae that accumulated on the building as rainwater drained from the roof. The crew also applied a mold-removing compound to guard against future staining. MPW completed the week-long project on August 5.

Jim Tyznik, MPW’s human resources director, said he anticipates more collaboration between MPW and Lakewood Schools in the future.

“We want to display real-world business culture to Lakewood students,” Tyznik said. “MPW needs to utilize local talent and create awareness of the career opportunities available here.”

Andrews said collaborations between Lakewood Schools and MPW are win-win situations.

“MPW cleaning the building is a tangible example of the value of this partnership,” she said. “We have great business partners in our own backyard and we need to ensure our students are ready for careers right out of high school or have opportunities when they return from college and want to live and work in our community.”

About Lakewood Local Schools

Lakewood Local School District is comprised of approximately 2,100 students. Lakewood is a consolidated district which encompasses the communities of Hebron, Jacksontown, Buckeye Lake and sections of Newark and Heath. The district covers an area of 115 square miles.

About MPW

With nearly 3,000 employees and 72 locations in the United States and Canada, MPW Industrial Services provides industrial cleaning, water treatment, facility management and environmental management services to customers in the power generation, primary metals, chemicals, refining, oil and gas, automotive, food and beverage and pulp and paper industries. MPW’s corporate headquarters are in Hebron.

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