Improving Plant Efficiency


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All businesses strive for efficiency and to aim for efficiency is to aim for perfection. As an industry-leading provider of integrated facilities management and support services, MPW Industrial Services appreciates the subtle nuances of the manufacturing process and works with you to optimize your company’s strengths and capabilities. MPW understands that it is often the finer points of production that separate industry competitors, especially when it comes to maintenance of your plant and facility.

Implement a Maintenance Plan

Implementing scheduled maintenance is one way of improving a plant’s efficiency. By conducting regularly scheduled inspections – daily, weekly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually, depending upon the situation – problems can be identified and solved with enhancements and innovations that can result in a more effective approach. For example, areas of waste – be they wastes of consumption or of energy – can place a drag on production. Poor retention of proper temperatures during production or substandard elimination of excess heat or byproducts can equal high fuel costs and hazardous situations resulting in lost production time due to injury or breakdown. Close and vigilant examination of all phases of production can help limit or possibly eliminate these incidents from occurring.

Embrace Technological Advancements

Another way to build greater efficiency into your production is to embrace technology. Are there innovative ways of updating your company’s production process? What steps could use some streamlining? Are there advancements that, if invested in, would yield long-term, sustainable growth? Sometimes the solution lies with simple plant logistics. For example, an MPW client was looking to expand its facility and add more production line capability. Unfortunately, the existing floorplan and footprint did not lend themselves to an easy build. Plus, there was no possibility of halting production in order to rearrange the configuration. MPW devised an innovative solution that added production ability through consolidating inventory, reimagining the layout and bolstering manpower in certain areas to achieve the plant’s potential.

Utilize Recycled Materials

Finally, consideration should be given to recycling materials or using byproducts as means to other potential gains. Throughout the production process, identifying instances where reuse of existing equipment or elements slated for disposal can not only benefit the environment and community, but a company’s efficiency and, in turn, that company’s bottom line.

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