Engineering and Fabrication team upgrades RO system

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A Florida power plant (oil and natural gas-fueled, combined-cycle unit) elected to enhance its makeup water treatment system because it was not able to produce adequate flow to feed the boiler system. Effects of the aging system included high operational and substandard water quality. Subsequently, the plant ordered mobile DI trailers in order to achieve acceptable flow and quality requirements.

As a result of these conditions, the power plant turned to MPW to offer an engineering and fabrication solution. MPW’s experience and unique ability to evaluate, design and upgrade in-house systems proved to be the cornerstone of the project.


After analyzing the current system, water source and requirements from plant operations, MPW recommended changes in the design of the equipment and operational procedures to create an efficient, reliable and cost-saving system.

MPW installed variable-frequency drive (VFD) controllers on the pumps for energy savings and process control, providing the added benefits of lower maintenance cost and better reliability. System PLC logic was upgraded as well as to improve valving and piping for efficiency and reliability. The changes allowed the power plant to convert from double pass to single pass to meet flow requirements during peak operations.

MPW installed larger carbon filters and re-bedded multimedia filters to ensure adequate filtration and water quality, as well as to reduce the need for additional chemical treatment of the city water feed source. Remote monitoring, with automated quality control measures, was added to increase reliability.

MPW Field Service Technicians were contracted to run the water system, providing additional cost savings for the plant and offering operational and system reliability. The technicians and engineers worked closely with plant personnel, construction and engineering teams to implement the system upgrades.


MPW’s system provided the plant with a highly efficient and reliable water treatment solution. The upgraded water system provides the plant with the ability to run in double pass mode, as well as single pass mode when increased flow-rate is required.

MPW field service technicians maintain and run the system on a daily basis. Relying on MPW employees, the power plant saves time and

The MPW re-designed system eliminates the need for six additional DI trailers per year.

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