Description and Use

Degasification membranes control dissolved gasses, such as carbon dioxide and oxygen, in water systems. These gasses react with metals in the boiler system, resulting in boiler corrosion. MPW Industrial Water’s degasification services remove these contaminants to protect the boiler. Membrane contactors contain microporous hydrophobic membranes, which are used to bring gas and liquids in direct contact without mixing. Contactors operate by lowering the pressure of gas in contact with the liquid to create a driving force to remove the dissolved gasses from the water. When compared with chemical treatments, degasification produces significant customer savings in product, blow down and energy.


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  • Boilers
  • De-aerator bypass
  • Storage tank degasification
  • Power, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other industries
  • Replaces or supplements chemical-treatment programs


  • Highly efficient and compact
  • Can be used inline under pressure
  • When compared with chemical treatments, produces savings in product, blow-down and energy
  • System can be containerized for outdoor applications or skid mounted for indoor applications

Success Story

Gas Transfer Membrane Skid

An Ohio plant that manufactures part of the cells used in the solar-power industry faced the issue…

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