MPW is passionate about providing our employees the tools and resources needed to make healthy decisions, driving them down the path to better health.  By promoting exciting initiatives that encourage employee involvement we gain increased productivity, and a healthier work environment valued by current and prospective employees.
MPW believes that by adopting a more strategic and integrated approach to Company Wellness Programs, both our organization and employees migrate toward healthier lifestyles and a more fulfilling work environment.
Organizations that are willing to develop Company Wellness Programs based on sound measurement, existing regulations and initiative based employee involvement, will reap valuable rewards in terms of cost savings and long-term strength.

Wellness initiatives offered by MPW:

• Partner with local hospitals and wellness organizations to assist employees with finding family physicians, making healthy choices and preventative programs.
• Corporate physician
• Onsite workout facility
• Smoking cessation programs and discounts
• Regular flu vaccinations
• Cholesterol screenings
• Blood pressure screenings
• Regular mammograms
• Employee assistance program
• Wellness days
• Healthy recipe cook-offs
• Walking programs on our corporate campus