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Power plant utilizes clarifier to reduce pond dredging

May 22, 2018

 View Full Case Study  Problem Settling ponds are typically used in the wastewater treatment process, al-lowing for the natural removal of solids and turbidity from wastewater. Water is processed through the ponds so solid contaminants can settle and clean, re-usable water can flow over top. Though this technique is quite common in many industries, settling […]

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Coal Ash Disposal Regulations White Paper

August 17, 2017

View Full White Paper The EPA finalized new regulations for the safe disposal of coal ash. Discharge water is restricted to a permitted amount of total suspended solids. Ash ponds need to be agitated, treated and filtered. The EPA finalized national regulations to provide a comprehensive set of requirements for the safe disposal of CCRs, […]

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Ash Pond Remediation Spec Sheet

July 27, 2017

 View Full Spec Sheet MPW’s ash pond remediation system provides a wide variety of efficient, engineered and environmentally friendly solutions for the safe treatment and disposal of ash pond water and residual ash. Some of the services we provide for ash pond remediation include: water filtration, water clarification, ash pond dredging, civil design, waste management, […]

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