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Microjet Pipe Cleaner Spec Sheet

August 16, 2019

View Full Spec Sheet MPW’s Microjetis a hands-free solution for navigating pipes with 90 degree bends.

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Pipeline Jetting Service Spec Sheet

June 3, 2019

View Full Spec Sheet MPW’s pipeline jetting service is the single-source solution for cleaning catch basins, laterals, storm drains and sewer lines. The pipeline jetter truck allows for thorough and efficient cleaning of up to 2,500 feet of sewer pipe.

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Rigid Lance Machine Spec Sheet

April 24, 2019

View Full Spec Sheet The Rigid Lance Machine utilizes high-pressure hydraulics to clear debris from the inner diameter of tube bundles. The system is equipped with five rigid lances, each featuring a specialized, high-pressure nozzle for consistent and thorough cleanings. A single operator controls the system from an elevated, temperature-controlled cab. This raised station removes […]

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