Steam Blow Spec Sheet

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MPW Industrial Services’ pure water support services provides construction firms with large quantities of high purity DI water to insure they hit their quality targets during steam blows, effectively and on-time. MPW provides state-of-the-art water purification equipment that is used for the construction firm’s generation of steam. This steam will remove debris and scale formation from super heaters, re-heaters, and steam pipes that are normally connected to power plant turbines.

The turbines are bypassed during the startup steam blows, and all of the steam is redirected to quality targets to determine final system cleanliness. After hitting the quality targets, the used steam typically exhausts into the atmosphere where it naturally dissipates. Since it is very difficult and costly to try to recapture, cool, and re-purify this large volume of used steam, MPW’s pure water support services provide the required consistent, uninterrupted feed of high purity DI water to the construction firm so they stay on schedule with all of their individual and/or combined steam blows during their project.

Utilizing our high capacity, 10-million grain DI trailers, MPW needs only half the number of trailers required by most competitors to successfully complete a steam blow. Additional equipment such as reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration trailers are available to use in conjunction with DI trailers to meet water quality requirements. Pure water support services for steam blows are available for most circumstances, including emergencies, plant commissioning/decommissioning, planned outages, and scheduled maintenance. MPW has the vast array of equipment and people resources needed to quickly and efficiently provide the large quantities of high purity DI water needed to complete your steam blow project. Our on-site Field Service Technicians are available to monitor water quality parameters 24 hours a day to offer peace of mind for maximum operational support.

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