MPW Industrial Air

MPW expands into modular compressed air services

(Hebron, Ohio) – 12/16/2021

MPW Industrial Services announces the launch of Industrial Air to elevate your system’s performance so you can focus on core business needs. Our Manufactured Modules for Compressed Air Solutions will transform your current supply to deliver the most reliable air at a lower cost and higher efficiency. Industrial Air Modules are designed with the customer in mind and built to individual specifications. Our technical team has over 20 years’ experience in air solutions and over 50 years’ experience in Industrial Services which include water, cleaning, facility management and waste.

Our CAS Modules feature a combination of centrifugal, rotary screw and dryers to provide customer specific air needs. The modules are energy efficient, pre-pipped, wired, tested and monitored to combine components designed and supplied by internationally recognized compressor and dryer manufacturers. MPW

The long-term, IAS BOOM (Build, Own, Operate and Maintain) service offers significant financial savings by eliminating capital expenditures and providing 24/7 monitored reports to maintain such a system across many industries. “Like our Industrial Water Modules, the Compressed Air Solution Module is another step in MPW customer flexibility. The Compressed Air Modules offer low-monthly-costs vs. major capital expenditures for customers supplementing or replacing their current compressed air systems,” said Jeff Amburn, Business Development Manager for the IA division.

The Modules, maintained by MPW, are available on a monthly fee-for-service basis. To learn more visit our website

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