Industrial Air for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Industrial Air for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Paper and pulp millMPW understands the importance of compressed air provided to the Pulp and Paper Industry. MPW Industrial Air Utility Service builds custom compressed air systems that insure energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness and total reliability for every Pulp and Paper Industry application.

MPW Industrial Air Utility Services is a leader in the pulp and paper industry. Our compressed air systems ensure pulp and paper mills meet their requirements for a continuous flow of clean, dry compressed air to support near-constant production rates. The pulp and paper industry’s advancement toward creating more sophisticated packaging and specialty papers demands expertly maintained compressed air performance with guaranteed reliability and no downtime!

Additional uses for compressed air in the Pulp and Paper Industry include: 

Process Control:

  • MPW’s continuously monitored compressed air controls the speed and pressure of paper-making processes, such as the paper-making machine, calender and dryer.
  • It also controls the temperature of the paper-making process, which is critical for producing high-quality paper products.

Safety Concerns:

  • Safety is Job 1 at MPW and our compressed air powers air brakes on paper-making machines, ensuring the safety of operators and other personnel in the vicinity.
  • Our Industrial Air Utility Services also power air curtains, which keep dust and other airborne particles from entering the paper-making facility and causing contamination and other health concerns.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Compressed air is used to power pneumatic tools and equipment, which helps to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.
  • It is also used to control the speed and pressure of paper-making processes, which helps to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Cost Savings:

  • Pneumatic tools and equipment, which reduce labor costs, depend on MPW’s compressed air service to operate safely and reliably.
  • MPW’s compressed air enhances paper-making processes, which reduce waste and improve product quality, resulting in cost savings.


Current Customers

  • Westrock
  • Georgia-Pacific
  • Greif Brothers
  • Packaging Corporation of America
  • International Paper
  • Domtar Paper

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