First Aid Injury Response Steps

First Aid Injury Response Steps

In the event of an injury, follow the steps laid out below and in the following policy (PO-HS-144) listed below and complete the additional information associated with it.

  1. Report Injuries ASAP. Regardless of severity, report injuries to the manager immediately. Prompt reporting ensures coordination and support.
  2. Provide Initial Aid. Offer immediate assistance within your capabilities; prioritize safety. Use available first aid kits. Remember to prioritize your safety when assessing.
  3. Getting Help. Always call our company doctor (or nurse), no matter how serious the injury appears.
    • Serious Injuries. For injuries that require immediate medical attention (broken bones, deep lacerations, unconscious, heart attack, etc.), dial emergency. When in doubt, call trained first responders.
    • Non-Life Threatening Injuries. Contact our company doctor or nurse.
      • Dr. Rankin Phone: 740-503-2538
      • Occupational Health Nurse Phone: 740-928-7093
    • Transporting for care. Attempt to get professional medical advice before deciding to transport an injured employee to an occupational health clinic, urgent care, or emergency room in a company or personal vehicle.
  4. Timely Incident Reporting. Submit the first incident report in Intelex within one hour of the event to inform company leaders.
  5. Start Investigation Immediately. Secure the site and equipment, take notes, conduct interviews, collect evidence (photos, videos), gather statements, involve experts, and update Intelex with details.
  6. Ensure work is safe before resuming the task.

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