What to look for when researching an industrial cleaning supplier

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Your company is growing: The number of products you manufacture and the pace at which they are produced require a new post-production strategy. Your capacity to properly execute technology-based industrial cleaning projects must adapt to the changing needs of your company and keep up with your fast-moving operation. A reliable, respected industrial cleaning supplier can be the answer. Maybe your plant is in need of modernization to increase efficiency. Maybe a move is necessary to become more environmentally conscious or to keep up with state and federal standards and requirements. Whatever your reasons may be, understanding where to start is the most important step. To get you moving, we’ve identified the top criteria to consider when evaluating industrial cleaning suppliers.


The proper industrial cleaning supplier will be able to answer each issue with an efficient solution while also being nimble enough to devise innovations to solve problems unique to your situation. Choose a partner with the capacity to create custom solutions to fit the changing needs of your operation.

Portfolio Strength

Does the supplier provide an array of industrial cleaning solutions? Can they meet your specific needs? MPW Industrial Services differentiates itself from the competition by providing a range of best-in-class industrial cleaning solutions and has set the standard by which other companies measure themselves. Few competitors can match our status as a leader in the industrial cleaning space when it comes to customer success stories. For instance, when a Florida sugar manufacturing plant needed a chemical cleaning process solution for its evaporator tubes, MPW was given 72 hours to take the plant’s operation offline in order to complete the job. MPW complied with all safety protocols with 0 incidents and completed the task in 69 hours and 45 minutes.


Is the industrial cleaning supplier compliant with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)? Is the company environmentally friendly? Also, is the supplier secure and bonded? Having a properly insured cleaning provider helps protect your company in the event any accident or issue arises.


In order to track our progress in areas including safety, responsiveness and adherence to cost expectations, MPW asks every industrial cleaning customer to complete a brief Job Performance Evaluation. That feedback is constantly tracked and reported to MPW management, ensuring superior customer service and continuous improvement.


Is the industrial cleaning supplier able to maintain focus and satisfy expectations? Issues caused by a lack of preparation or expertise can add unforeseen costs to your budget and can potentially damage your plant’s reputation. Minimize this threat by identifying a partner that has a disciplined delivery method developed over years of proven practices.

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