Waterjet Vacuum Injury Information

Waterjet Vacuum Injury Information

Vacuum Injury Medical Information

  • Severe internal body damage may be hidden from outer skin.
  • Bruising may be varied and delated: it may not predict internal damage.
  • Massive pooling of blood near injury may cause circulatory collapse.
  • Closely monitor vital signs & prepare for quick fluid replacement & resuscitation.
  • Water for compartment syndrome to the affected muscular area, large hematomas & very sizes of skin disruption/lacerations.
  • Consider surgical consultation.
  • Imaging should be considered to assess internal soft tissue damage
  • Wounds may be contaminated.
  • Tetanus status may need to be updated.

Waterjet Injury Medical Information

  • Evaluation & management should parallel that of a gunshot wound.
  • External manifestations of injury cannot predict the extent of internal damage.
  • Stabilize & thoroughly examine neurovascular.
  • X-ray to assess subcutaneous air & foreign bodies distant from the site of injury.
  • Injuries to extremities may involve extensive nerve, muscle, & vessel damage, may also create a distal compartment syndrome.
  • Injuries to the torso can involve internal organ damage.
  • Aggressively irrigate and debride.
  • Bandages with hygroscopic solution (MgSO4) & hyperbolic oxygen treatment can decrease pain, edema, & subcutaneous emphysema.
  • Contaminated water injection dictates necessity for broad spectrum, intravenous antibiotics.
  • Consider surgical consultation.
  •  Do NOT surgically close wounds due to contamination.



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