Water Blasting

Water Blasting

MPW offers water blasting cleaning solutions, ranging from 10,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI, spanning across multiple industries and applications.

MPW recognizes that safety is paramount when water blasting. Our employees undergo a rigorous program of both theoretical and practical hands-on training at one of our many facilities across the country. MPW ensures precision and efficiency, allowing our customers to continue operations while minimizing downtime while water blasting services are being carried out.

  • Features
  • Pressures available from 10,000 to 40,000 psi
  • OSHA-certified employees go through 40+ hours of training before arriving to job
  • Equipment inspected prior to and after each use
  • Benefits
  • Decreases safety-related incidents
  • Low operating cost
  • Easy to deploy and maintain throughout the duration of job
  • MPW’s rapid response team can be on-site to handle the toughest job within 24 hours

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