Industrial Vacuuming

Vacuum Solutions

MPW’s dry and wet vacuum cleaning operations manage safe removal, transport and disposal of non-hazardous wastes from remote or inaccessible areas.

MPW’s industrial vacuuming technology removes liquids, sludge and dense materials within a variety of industrial and manufacturing settings. MPW technicians attend a vigorous hands-on, site-specific training program to maintain quality and high safety standards.

Our fleet consists of transport tankers, Supersuckers, and wet or dry industrial vacuum trucks. Many of our new units are equipped with the latest Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology allowing our trucks to operate in enclosed facilities without the accumulation of exhaust within the building.

  • Features
  • Payload capacity of 18 cubic yards
  • Positive displacement vacuum pumps providing 5,000-6,000 CFM of airflow
  • Static ground cable
  • Temperature gauges inside and outside for continuous monitoring
  • Equipment inspection completed prior to and after each use
  • Benefits
  • Decreases safety-related incidents
  • High-powered airflow solution to pick up the toughest solids and liquids
  • Reduced differential for more effective fuel economy
  • Single-mode filtration enables loading of wet or dry materials with no changeover required
  • Large cyclone with large passageways for greater airflow and better fuel economy

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Vacuum Services

MPW’s dry and wet vacuum cleaning solutions manage the safe removal, transport and disposal of nonhazardous wastes…

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