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The Jacks of all Trades

July 13, 2022

Three Senior Employees Reflect on 40 Years at MPW When MPW was a new business, everyone had to be willing to do everything. “You had to wear all the hats back then,” said MPW Project Manager Mike McGonagle, a 43-year employee. “It’s a lot more structured environment today.” “Yeah, we got into everything,” said Fabricator […]

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Industrial Water Creates Powerful UF Unit

June 15, 2022

Not even the mighty Mississippi River can stop Industrial Water’s latest innovation. “This is the most powerful UF unit in our fleet,” said Industrial Water Engineering Manager Neil Dewitt. IW is placing the finishing touches on a heavier duty High Solids UF (Ultrafiltration) unit, which is set to place MPW way ahead of the UF […]

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Featured Branch: Yuma, Arizona

June 2, 2020

INDUSTRIAL WATER DIVISION Discuss your branch/department’s dedication to safety. Yuma Industrial Water has been accident free for the calendar year 2020 and has a 100% participation rate in meaningful safety observations. We are also 100% in compliance with MPW and the CDC guidelines to combat the spread of COVID-19. Discuss any recent MPW success stories […]

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Featured Department: Industrial Water Logistics, Hebron

March 16, 2020

Discuss your branch/department’s dedication to safety Our department works closely with our service centers and CDL-A drivers to ensure that all our hauls are done in the safest and most effective manner. We monitor all our CDL-A drivers’ hours of service to make sure we are in compliance with all DOT regulations and safety rules. […]

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UFRO Reverse Osmosis Ultra filtration Mobile

MPW’s ultrafiltration/ reverse osmosis system solves ash pond issue

March 10, 2020

 View Full Case Study Thorough investigation, application of specialized equipment key to selenium removal. Problem A former coal-fired power plant in the Northeastern U.S. had converted to a natural gas source. However, due to stringent EPA mandates, its remaining coal ash ponds, the byproduct of decades of burning coal, would need to be mitigated. That […]

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Gas Transfer Membrane Container Spec Sheet

August 9, 2019

View Full Spec Sheet MPW’s Gas Transfer Membrane Container utilizes two gas transfer membranes and a vacuum pump to remove approximately 87-90% of CO₂. The GTM Container is placed in an interpass configuration next to a DI trailer between cation and anion tanks, and is used to balance anion resin to increase volume of cation […]

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42-Cubic-Foot Service Demin Vessels Spec Sheet

August 9, 2019

View Full Spec Sheet MPW’s 42-Cubic-Foot Service Demin Vessels consistently provide dependable and convenient demineralization service for light to medium production requirements. MPW’s SDI service features a convenient vessel-exchange service with a liftgate truck and walk-behind forklift, and is the ideal for industries demanding high-purity water.

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Featured Branch: Georgetown Service Center – Andrews, South Carolina – Industrial Water

August 5, 2019

Discuss any recent MPW success stories involving your branch. In August 2018, MPW gained a new natural gas power plant customer. We dedicated four DI trailers to this location. Our service center would be the primary location servicing the customer. The client’s expectation was to get 1.3 million gallons of throughput per DI trailer with […]

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MPW designs more efficient softener rebed at beverage plant

June 28, 2019

 View Full Case Study Quick rebed turnaround, safety measures satisfy customer. Problem A Midwestern soft drink plant over-pressurized its No. 2 softener tank, damaging the internal tank laterals and rendering the tank useless until it could be repaired. While tank No. 2 was out of service, the customer had to run its production on only […]

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MPW announces contract with PBF Energy

June 21, 2019

MPW Industrial Services today announced the finalization of a 10-year, $20 million contract with PBF Energy. MPW is providing industrial water services to PBF’s oil refinery in Chalmette, Louisiana. MPW has assigned five full-time employees to the site, with a minimum of one employee at the Chalmette Refinery at all times. MPW will utilize equipment […]

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