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Three-step process treats greywater for Southeast power plant

August 21, 2017

 View Full Case Study  The ability to treat greywater is becoming vitally important to U.S. power producers. Energy companies in 19 states are using reclaimed water and the trend is expected to continue in light of larger populations, extreme weather patterns and rising demand for freshwater. Furthermore, greywater, which is wastewater from bathroom sinks, showers, […]

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BOOM System Spec Sheet

July 27, 2017

View Full Spec Sheet BOOM allows your company to focus on fundamental operations, while MPW manages the water treatment system. MPW’s field service technicians operate and maintain the industrial water purification systems, either in-person or remotely. Skid-mounted and containerized systems are designed to meet both indoor and outdoor installations and accommodate space requirements. From the […]

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