RFG/MPW garners diversity award from Volkswagen

RFG/MPW employees in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

MPW Industrial Services, along with its partner RFG, recently earned Volkswagen’s 2017 Passion for Diversity Award.

RFG/MPW serves VW at the automaker’s only U.S. assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, performing deep cleanings, paint shop work and comprehensive waste management services.

This honor marked the third prestigious award MPW’s Facility & Environmental Management (FEM) Division received in 2017; in June, Honda and Toyota each presented MPW with national awards for performance.

“I think these awards are a sign that we’re continually bringing value to our clients,” said FEM General Manager Kevin Sullivan. “These honors serve as a confirmation that we’re headed in the right direction with regard to customer service and relationship building.”

Volkswagen Award for Diversity

VW considered all minority vendors that serve the Chattanooga plant for the award. Criteria are not made public.

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