Reverse Osmosis-EDI System Spec Sheet


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MPW’s Reverse Osmosis-Electrodeionization (RO-E) System is a convenient production solution for removing dissolved solids, total organic carbon (TOC) and other colloidal contaminants in a conveniently smaller footprint than traditional units.

The system is operable in either single- or double-pass mode, with nominal flow rates up to 350 GPM and 200 GPM, respectively. The electrodeionization (EDI) stacks use electrical current to deionize and polish reverse osmosis (RO) permeate water without the need of media replacement, as standard in DI vessels.

Each stack can do up to 28 gpm of 16 Mohm water off a double-pass RO feed. Stacks can be added or removed based on the flow requirements of the system.

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