MPW’s Compressed Air Solution Crucial to Petrochem

MPW’s Compressed Air Solution Crucial to Petrochem

Petrochemicals are and will continue to be the world’s primary energy source for many years to come, even as research into energy alternatives advances. Today’s oil and gas energy producers depend upon the latest technology in Industrial Air Solutions for nearly every aspect of operations, including:

Petrochemical Synthesis — Specific pressurization of air and gas in the manufacturing process is essential in the production of petrochemicals such as methanol, ammonia, ethylene, ethylene glycol and urea.

Gas injection — Crude oil can be recovered by increasing gas pressures and injecting oil layers.

Petroleum Refining — A catalytic reaction used in the refining process will occur by boosting processed gas pressure.

Pipeline transportation — Industrial compressed air is required to maintain pressures and transport gas through pipelines.

Other requirements – Industrial compressed air is also required for the transportation of fluids, pressurization of tanks, cooling, plastic molding and petrochemical development.

MPW Manufactured Modules for Compressed Air Solutions (CAS) transform current supply to deliver the most reliable air at lower cost and higher efficiency. Industrial Air Modules are designed with the customer in mind and built to individual specifications.

MPW’s technical team has more than 20 years’ experience in air solutions and more than 50 years’ experience in Industrial Services including water, cleaning, facility management and waste.

MPW CAS Modules feature a combination of centrifugal, rotary screw and dryers to provide customer specific air needs. The modules are energy efficient, pre-piped, wired, tested and monitored to combine components designed and supplied by internationally recognized compressor and dryer manufacturers.

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