MPW’s Cheshire Union Region is Making a Difference

The Constellium Ravenswood and Kyger Creek Power Plant MPW crews are making a positive difference either side of the Ohio River through community involvement. “I’m so proud of my crews that have completed their projects already, and we’re planning and looking forward to many more in the near future,” said Regional Manager Ryan “Peach” Venham. “We are dedicated to being more involved in the community.”

Volunteering community services once per quarter is Venham’s goal for his leadership team. “A few of our account managers have already jumped on the idea and completed great things in the community to represent and make a positive difference for MPW,” he said.

The Constellium crew, which includes Jarrett Fields, Jay Green, Josh Wood, Bo Sands, Ron Tyson and John Buzzard, recently volunteered to clean the Ripley High School football stadium bleachers in Ripley, West Virginia. Venham said this service was witnessed by several Constellium employees, including the company CFO. “I am very proud of the work these guys put in and the results speak for themselves,” said Venham.

Kyger Creek crew members, including Samantha Chabot, Lawrence Sayre, Dalton McCloud, Kris VanMeter, Cass Vaughn and Brandon Peterson, completed community work in Pomeroy, Ohio. They helped clean up trash and overgrown vegetation along a retaining wall that spans about 200 yards along one of the main roads. “Again, another great completed project that made an enormous impact on the Pomeroy community while representing MPW,” Venham said.

Venham and crew spoke with the Gallia County Commissioners, who said they would appreciate more of MPW’s help. “They’re going to get us in touch with the VFW and some other folks as well to see where the priority projects are,” Venham said. “They were very excited to have us there and for us to provide some volunteer services.”

Cheshire Union staff Brad Brown, Josh Pilson, Ray Ratcliff and Mike Cunningham have since volunteered at Belpre, Ohio’s Civitan Park. Volunteers will soon visit Middleport Park as well as assist with holiday decorations at Gallipolis. Regional H&S Manager Dakota Smith pressure washed a local church. “I know my crew from Kyger Creek has a few things lined up in Middleport to help with Thanksgiving dinner, that kind of stuff,” Venham said. “They’re all over it right now. “We all work in the plants in the area but outside of that, no one really sees what everybody does,” Venham said. His goal is to get as many MPW employees as possible, including the account managers, involved with local volunteerism. “When people see our trucks and our uniforms, they’ll remember us for our community involvement,” he said.

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