MPW Manager Development Program Gears Up for 2022

The Safety and Training Department is preparing for 2022’s Manager Development Program following the successful launch of the pilot program last year. “The Manager Development Program began its learning journey in March of 2021 with a group of high potential leaders in the organization,” said Instructional Designer Autumn Cash Rose. “Individuals were nominated and selected by managers and the executive team.”

The list of attendees for 2022 is approved and notification is ongoing. The first meeting for the 2022 manager development session is February 15. Managers of the nominated attendees are working with them to prepare for the program.

“The Manager Development Program is very much like the foundation of an old castle, set upon bedrock,” said Industrial Services Operations Manager Bradley Bo Doeg, one of 11 graduates from last year’s pilot program. “Our group saw a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds, divisions and various levels of management being brought together, possibly for the first time as co-workers.” He said he met new people and saw some old friends during the course of the program.

Cash Rose said the Human Resources team provides each Manager Development Program participant with a Wonderlic assessment to help them target their areas of opportunity and growth. She said leaders throughout the organization will work with the group every other Tuesday via Microsoft Teams, sharing vision, direction and strategy. This year, three in-person sessions are added.

“The Manager Development Program is a formal, structured way to connect participants to senior leaders, resources and information,” Safety and Training Director Matt Dawson said. “Those selected will hear directly from and have opportunities to provide direct feedback to leaders and each other, with the expectation that they will share what they learn and continue to lead in line with the company mission, vision and values. The program is an investment in our people, teams and future.”

“The participants in 2021 exceeded expectations. It was clear why they were selected,” said MPW President Jared Black. “Not only did last year’s graduates attend, they all helped to improve the entire program. We are looking forward to welcoming another talented group this year, leading MPW into the next 50 years in line with our mission, vision and values.”

“The 2021 class of Management Development wrapped up with a commencement dinner and open discussion with participants,” said Human Resources Director Jim Tyznik. He said the Manager Development Program is an enhancement to the existing First Line Leader program. “MPW has a great pool of talented individuals and both of these programs will help develop skills and knowledge that benefit both employees and MPW,” Tyznik said. “It is and will continue to be a great source of comradery and recognition for those who attend.”

Industrial Water Assistant Controller and program graduate Chris Galadyk, who was a little reluctant to join the program at first because of his workload, is extremely pleased he reconsidered. “When I got the meeting request, I was slam-packed with acquisitions,” he said. “But the program probably changed the trajectory of my career.” Galadyk said the self-reflection and evaluation the program encourages benefits all participants. “The reward is definitely measurable,” he said.  

Doeg said the program’s first half was straight from MPW leadership members, who explained the company’s intents, purposes, functions, and goals. “How MPW became what it is today and why we, as a company, aim for the goals we do,” he said. Doeg said Black and other members of the MPW leadership team, including mentors General Counsel Catherine Jopling and District Manager Mike Nicholson, participated in the program. Dawson leads the program with Tyznik providing HR support and guidance.

The second half of the program focused on new ideas and points of view. “Hearing someone propose a simple concept and then hearing how everyone else understood and comprehended it was amazing,” Doeg said. He said the program’s reading list also introduced him to new ideas.

“I feel that I have a whole new group I can reach out to for advice, input, assistance or friendship,” Doeg said, adding he would highly recommend the Manager Development Program to anyone wanting to improve professional growth. “Do you want to elevate your team to the next level?” he said. “The Manager Development Program can really help do that!”

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