MPW introduces 28-foot DI trailers

HEBRON, Ohio —  MPW Industrial Services today unveiled eight new 28-foot deionization (DI) trailers.

MPW’s standard DI trailers measure 51 feet in length. MPW designed and built the 28-foot versions to meet the needs of customers with limited space at their facilities. This is especially common in urban-based power plants that are typical in the Northeastern U.S. There are multiple plants in this area that physically cannot accommodate a 51-foot trailer.

The shorter trailers are simply miniaturized versions of MPW’s 10 million grain design.

“These trailers are already in use at customer sites,” said MPW Area Sales Manager Don Dufour. “All of them have performed well so far. They’re helping us deal with the overwhelming demand we’ve seen this winter.”

MPW’s 28-foot DI trailers include the latest technology, such as advanced instrumentation, welded thermoplastic piping and weight savings, Dufour said.

“They’re the most modern trailers available on the market,” Dufour added. “They’re flexible, which means we are able to adjust resin loading to match a wide range of feedwater qualities and maximize efficiency.”

The deionization process of water purification involves specialty ion exchange resins substituting hydrogen and hydroxide ions for dissolved minerals, which then recombine to form water. This high purity water is an essential ingredient in countless industrial and manufacturing processes.

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