Mini Vac Spec Sheet

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The Mini Vacuum Unit is a trailer-mounted, propane-powered, wet-vacuum system. The units are set up with a reversible-airflow system for pressurized off-loading, which uses a 2-to-4-inch suction hose. The engine is a three-cylinder LP gas-powered engine. The pump, which is rotary vane and oil injected, is capable of displacement up to 360 cubic feet per minute and vacuum levels up to 27-inch Hg. The rotary vane pump is also protected by a stainless steel final filter. Vacuum/pressure gauges are located at the tank and in the final filter housing. The tank has a 12-inch primary shutoff with stainless steel ball to stop the tank from over filling. The tank inlet is 3 inches with a shutoff valve and a 4-inch cam lock. The unit is equipped with a 10-gallon secondary shutoff cyclone separator in case fluid bypasses the tank and primary shutoff. Typical uses: paint/sludge removal, machine sump cleaning and other various wet vacuuming tasks.


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