Team Leader

Operations / Labor
Georgetown, Kentucky US
Posted 3 months ago

Job Description: 

  1. To provide general direction and supervision to a group of laborers/associates as well as performing hands-on duties of laborers/associates.
  2. Responsible for ensuring that the work is accomplished in the time frame established by their immediate supervisor.
  3. Has the authority to make unsupervised decisions consistent with the scope of responsibilities. 
  4. Ensures the consistent and equitable treatment of all associates who report to him/her.  Includes being actively involved with the disciplining, evaluating, and counseling of associates who report to him/her.
  5. Provides highly visible leadership and motivation to all associates.
  6. Provides on the job training to new hires and/or transfers into their area as well as providing ongoing coaching to all associates who report to him/her.
  7. Attends nightly foreman and supervisory meetings to coordinate the implementation of the job completion schedule for the night.
  8. Identifies way to increase the efficiency of their area of responsibility as well as reducing the use of supplies, i.e., gloves, paint suits, cleaners.
  9. Ensures that all company policies, procedures and practices are understood and followed by all associates who report to him/her including, but  not limited to, Human Resources, Safety, Operations and Finance related policies.
  10. Provides written reports to immediate supervisor as to the status of the projects assigned to his/her work group.  Completes deficiency reports or abnormal reports explaining problems and/or reasons why the job is not completed, not on schedule or not completed properly.
  11. Perform other duties as directed.

Required Skills: 

  1. Ability to carry/lift up to 75 lbs.
  2. Ability to maintain a consistent workload that involves heavy manual labor.
  3. Ability to maintain alertness and acuity that is not typically impaired by any medication, diet, or physical condition.
  4. Ability to bend, stoop, squat, sit and maneuver in confined spaces.
  5. Ability to wear respirators in environments that may expose you to chemicals, fumes, etc.
  6. Ability to maintain workloads that may include travel to a variety of states for days or weeks, and daily timeframes that could exceed the typical 8-hour shift.

Required Experience: 

  1. High School Diploma or Equivalent preferred; some High School Education acceptable.
  2. Understanding of mechanical concepts and applications.
  3. Ability to interact with others and effectively communicates with them.
  4. Six months previous supervisory experience directing the work of others and four months working as a laborer with MPW, Facilities Support.

Job ID: 2329

Location: Georgetown, Kentucky US

Business Unit: FEM

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