On-Site Transport Driver (MID)

Transportation and Logistics
Middletown, Ohio US
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Job Description: 


  • This position is responsible for the operation of equipment at a given customer site.
  • This position will be accountable for delivering and maintaining high standards of customer service through business operations.
  • Inspect equipment to make sure it is in safe operating condition.
  • Operates equipment to and from the job site in a safe manner.
  • Cleans windows, mirrors and any debris in cab of equipment.
  • Ensures oil and other fluids are maintained as specified levels.
  • Performs other duties as directed.
  • This position is called upon to support the labor force personnel in job task completion.
  • This position works along side with labor force and other equipment in an effort to maintain customer satisfaction.

Required Skills: 


  • Ability to carry/lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Ability to maintain a consistent workload that involves heavy manual labor.
  • Ability to maintain alertness and acuity that is not typically impaired by any medication, diet, or physical condition.
  • Ability to bend, stoop, squat, sit and maneuver in confined spaces.
  • Ability to wear respirators in environments that may expose you to chemicals, fumes, etc.
  • Ability to maintain workloads that may include daily timeframes that could exceed the typical 8-hour shift.

Required Experience: 


  • Must have valid Ohio Driver’s License – low/0 points.
  • High School Diploma with specialization in industrial or vocational trades preferred.
  • Some High School Education acceptable.
  • CDL ideal.
  • Specific exposure to equipment or maintenance environment.
  • Understanding of mechanical concepts a plus.
  • MPW Certification on the operation of the one piece of equipment consisting of Dump truck, water truck, chemical truck, Euclid.
  • Specific knowledge of heavy equipment operation and/or repair a plus.
  • 1-2 years “hands on” experience in heavy equipment maintenance acceptable.


Job ID: 2545

Location: Middletown, Ohio US

Business Unit: ICG

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