Industrial Air for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Industrial Air for the Pharmaceutical Industry

MPW understands the importance of compressed air provided to the Pharmaceutical Industry. MPW Industrial Air Utility Service builds custom compressed air systems that insure energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness and total reliability for every Pharmaceutical Industry application.

MPW Industrial Air Utility Services is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Quality compressed air is a key component in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. Air power is crucial for processes including tablet manufacturing, cleaning and drying, transporting products, packaging and more!

Additional uses for compressed air in the Pharmaceutical Industry Include:

Cleanroom Operations:

  • MPW understands how critical it is for pharmaceutical facilities’ cleanrooms to meet stringent air quality standards. IAUS provides compressed air, filtered to remove contaminants, to ensure flawless equipment operation and to maintain cleanroom conditions.

Aseptic Processing:

  • Sterility is particularly crucial in maintaining aseptic processing environments. IAUS compressed air is completely effective for all aseptic processing applications, including powering aseptic filling machines and sterile packaging equipment.

Laboratory Applications:

  • Laboratories rely on MPW’s compressed air systems for tasks such as operating analytical instruments, sample testing, and other applications requiring precise control and cleanliness.

Current Customers

  • Charles River Laboratories
  • Dechra Pharmaceuticals
  • Abbott Laboratories

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