Industrial Air for the Power Generation Industry

Industrial Air for the Power Generation Industry

MPW understands the importance of compressed air provided to the Power industry. MPW Industrial Air Utility Service builds custom compressed air systems that insure energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness and total reliability for every power industry application.

MPW Industrial Air Utility Services is a leader in the power generation industry. Our compressed air systems operate pneumatic instruments connected with boilers, turbines, generators, precipitators and ash handling systems. MPW’s oil-free screw compressors and centrifugal air compressors are highly adaptive and ensure consistent pressure, which is critical for the operation of pneumatic valves and actuators at any power generation plant!

Additional uses for compressed air in the Power Industry include:

Pneumatics and Hydraulics:

  • Power generation facilities would be unable to function without pneumatic tools, which, in turn, could not function without the type of reliable compressed air services MPW provides.
  • Industrial Air Utility Services also drive hydraulic systems, such as those used in turbines and other power generation equipment.

Vacuum Pumps:

  • One of MPW compressed air’s most important jobs in the power generation industry is to remove air. Compressed air-driven vacuum pumps create a vacuum in power generation systems, which is necessary for efficient operation.


  • MPW’s Compressed air services filter and purify air for use in power generation systems.
  • The filtered air helps to reduce the risk of contamination and other problems that can affect the efficiency of power generation systems.


  • Industrial Air Utility Services provides compressed air instrumentation for power generation systems that monitor and control the operation of power generation systems, ensuring that they are running efficiently and safely.

Current Customers

  • Gavin Power
  • AEP
  • FirstEnergy
  • TVA
  • Troy Energy
  • Duke Energy
  • Talen Energy

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