Hydro-Excavation Recycle System

MPW has again brought innovation to the field through its introduction of a water recycling system that will revolutionize hydro excavation. The new hydro-excavation recycling system is a sustainable solution that allows wastewater to be captured and recycled back into the hydro excavator, saving valuable natural resources and reducing project costs.

Hydro Excavating creates substantial wastewater that is vacuumed into a debris tank. Once the tank is filled, instead of finding a dumping site, it can connect to the recycling system. The vac truck unloads wastewater and debris into the system. Augers move the wastewater and debris to the shaker deck where large rocks and debris are removed before allowing the water to settle to the under-tank.

Once the first round of heavy solids is removed, the water travels to a second tank where an auger pulls the sand and silt to the rear of the trailer. There, it is pumped through the hydro cyclones onto a second shaker deck, removing the majority of the smaller debris. Finally, the water gets clarified for reuse at a rate of 200 gallons per minute and ensures clean water for digging and leaves dry resources for the project site.

This three-part system allows for job sites to become more efficient, budget-friendly, and sustainable.

Hydro-Excavation Recycle System

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  • Reduces spoil pits and management
  • Reduces off-site disposal
  • Optionally treat water for hazardous materials


  • Hydro-excavation off loading
  • Dredging
  • CCR pond treatment
  • Aggregate & soil removal
  • Water treatment & reuse


  • Road legal for ease of transportation
  • PLC controlled, automated & remotely monitored water treatment
  • Small footprint with minimal on-site equipment required for installation
    • Off-loading station & primary scalper
    • Soil removal system
    • High-solids clarification


  • Off-loading station & primary scalper
    • 1/4 inch or larger aggregate and debris removal
  • Soil removal system
    • Paint test dry soil
  • High solids clarification
    • Reuse of water to fill hydro excavator

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