Hydro-Excavation Recycle System

Custom designed automated system that separates excavated debris from dig water for reuse.

Aggregate and soil can be repurposed for use on site or hauled for disposal.

Reuse of dig water reduces operating costs and allows for pollutant free disposal.


  • Reduces spoil pits and management
  • Reduces off-site disposal
  • Optionally treat water for hazardous materials


  • Hydro-excavation off loading
  • Dredging
  • CCR pond treatment
  • Aggregate & soil removal
  • Water treatment & reuse

Hydro-Excavation Recycle System

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  • Road legal for ease of transportation
  • PLC controlled, automated & remotely monitored water treatment
  • Small footprint with minimal on-site equipment required for installation
    • Off-loading station & primary scalper
    • Soil removal system
    • High-solids clarification


  • Off-loading station & primary scalper
    • 1/4 inch or larger aggregate and debris removal
  • Soil removal system
    • Paint test dry soil
  • High solids clarification
    • Reuse of water to fill hydro excavator

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