Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

MPW’s dedication to environment stewardship is focused on implementing systems to allow businesses and organizations to efficiently utilize their available resources, help reduce waste and minimize negative impacts on the environment while translating reduced consumption into savings.

Environmental sustainability is an important goal of our stewardship efforts. Additionally, we help companies increase their “green” presence in the local community through Earth Day events, paper drives, river and highway clean-ups, and so forth. The benefits of environmental stewardship are key to economics, human health and the protection and conservation of the environment.​

Zero Landfill Initiatives

Implementing a Zero Landfill Program allows you to showcase your commitment to the environment and communicate to your customers that you are taking every action possible to be environmentally responsible. MPW develops customized plans to efficiently transform your company’s waste-management system into a first class operation in environmental sustainability.

e-Waste Management & Recycling

The R2 Standard includes general principles and specific best practices for recyclers who are dis-assembling or reclaiming used electronic equipment. R2 Trained personnel identify your computer and electronic recycling needs and ensure that your material will be managed and sent to an R2 Certified Recycle Center.

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