Container Management

Container Management

MPW cleans and manages containers used to transport every type of automotive, industrial and architectural coating, plus a variety of other materials including enamels, resins, adhesives and industrial paints. MPW also has mobile wash capabilities to reduce your transportation costs. All containers meet or exceed the strict cleanliness standards required by the automotive industry.

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Quality Standards

MPW ensures that all containers are cleaned to the highest of industry standards, by using the most advanced high-pressure pumps as well as innovative filtration systems and the ISO 9001:2008 certified process. MPW’s cleanliness standards far exceed expectations, requiring each container to be free of paint, film and debris. Each container must pass a rigorous dirt inspection. Every container receives a Department of Transportation (DOT) standardized pressure check to guarantee compliance.

When our clients utilize our industrial container cleaning services, they can rest assured that every container must pass a 27-Point Quality Inspection prior to being placed within clean bin inventory. All raw materials and components used in our facilities are tested and registered to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards for possible crater causing contamination. All containers at MPW locations are stored in environmentally-controlled warehouses to prevent contamination. Incoming and outgoing containers are segregated to provide an accurate inventory count. Our unique container management inventory system has been designed to track every step of the cleaning process. All of our associates undergo a thorough training program in order to deliver the best end product. Our full-time engineering team is committed to providing solutions that offer the highest quality products and services.​

Environmental Initiatives

MPW’s objective is to ensure that all of our facilities are operated in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Additionally, MPW operates in a manner that minimizes any negative impact on the environment. All processing operations are designed to contain and manage processing chemicals. In order to minimize disposal volumes, MPW reclaims or recycles all waste streams. Demineralized water is recycled and reclaimed for upstream processing over five times to reduce demand on the city water system.

Each processing plant is designed with containment barriers to ensure that chemicals and process water are retained within the work environment. MPW’s process designs are geared to avoid liquid discharges into the local sewer and storm water systems, even when the control parameters are within the allowable tolerance to do so. Paint waste from your company is under constant evaluation on each returned container in order to minimize your disposal cost and negative impact on the environment.

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