About: Facility Management Services

About Facility Management

MPW Facility Management provides our customers with safe, superior maintenance performance, applying a turnkey approach to facility management by partnering with clients to provide daily on-site production enhancement and support services.

Helping your company to maximize efficiency is of paramount importance to us. On average, MPW decreases breakdown occurrences from 14 per month to 4 per month, and reduces average downtime from 80 minutes to 18 minutes. 

MPW has a strong presence in the automotive industry, particularly paint shops, but is also well versed in a wide variety of manufacturing and production environments. By selecting MPW’s Facility Management Team, you will benefit from MPW’s innovative methods which reduce downtime, improve productivity and quality, and minimize operational costs. Strategic sourcing allows you to focus on your core competencies instead of devoting plant resources to determining the best approach for maintenance services and cleaning solutions. 

In addition to engineering time-saving, efficiency-improving alternatives for your company, the Facility Management team stringently adheres to a quantifiable performance plan developed according to plant specifications. The high level of awareness related to plant requirements allows MPW to make informed suggestions about what equipment and supplies are necessary to perform individual tasks, resulting in a reduction of overhead costs for your company.

 Additional facility management services include:

  • Paint Shop Management 
  • Engineering Services
  • Filtration Management
  • Cryogenic Cleaning (CO2 Cleaning)
  • Chemical Management 
  • Hydroblasting (10,000-40,000 PSI And Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning/Cutting) 
  • Operations And Maintenance
  • Weld Shop 
  • Wrap Guard 
  • Vacuuming (Wet/Dry)